Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 23

Everything sold well on Saturday. We sold or bartering everything but 1 bag of Mandel Bread. Patrick from Reliable Cheese bought 10 bags of Mandel Bread for his store. We bartered a bag of mandel bread and madeleines for a egg and cheese sandwich for LA (pictured below) from Drew at Farmhand, thanks buddy! I gave a small bag of Mandel Bread to Lonny (pictured below) who was playing guitar at Vega Metals -- loved his animatronic James Brown doll.

Big up to MG, who came through and bartered walnut cocoa cookies and gougeres for some specialty pickles. Several times, customers have told me, I started eating the ____, and I couldn't stop. Well after our day Sat, I broke into the bag of gougeres, and it was like that...thanks, man.

Thanks to the St. Nelson's for coming through, as well as tall Jerry and Horst.

Big up to the crew: RML, LA, SZ - thanks guys!




  1. Glad you enjoyed the gougeres which are better served piping hot, but time was an issue. The cookies could have been better. I think I need to calibrate my oven.

  2. i felt aside from a couple bottom-burned ones, the cookies were perfect.