Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 25

Week 25 was super-hot, but we made it through.

My family was in town, so we sold as the Berenbaum Family Singers, or something like that.

The Nutella babka came out pretty well. It was not quite as Nutella-y as I would have liked, but tasted good all the same. We sold out the 42 loaves I made by around 11:15AM.

The Bourbon Wheat sold well too, but with the heat, traffic was down and so we bartered several loaves and sold some as 2-for-1 at the tail-end of the market. Thanks to all the vendors that bartered with us -- Matahitu from Piedmont Biofarm, George from Lil' Farm, Hannah from the Pecan Stand (real name?), Don from Don's Italian Ice, Greg and Josh from the Lemonade Stand, and Mike and Becca from PiePushers. We even gave away a loaf to Noah at Fickle Creek because he was too busy to chat with us. Helga and Tim from Four Leaf Farm gave us some wonderful-looking red peppers for a loaf of our bread.

Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who braved the heat to be out there but especially Mike B., Marybeth, Shelly and Peter, Nate, Amanda, and Elizabeth, and Daniel, Katie, and Eli.

Thanks to our crew of Berenbaums, plus SZ, BS, and RML (who had to leave early to go on a weekend trip).

Here is the account of the day from my mom, DJB:

Working at Berenbaum's Bakery was the best! In spite of the 103 degree heat, we sold practically all the chocolate babka, Nutella babka, bourbon raisin bread and lots of granola and iced tea. Durham has some of the nicest people I've met anywhere. Love chatting with all of them. Looking forward to another visit soon!

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