Thursday, October 20, 2011

Downtown Donut 10-18-11

Thank you sir, you purchased the first donut of the day!

The first week we did the Downtown Donut, we sold about 80 donuts.  Tuesday, we sold about 150.  I think spreading the word via the Downtown listservs helped.  Also, we sold on into lunch hour, which was busy.  We need to sell about 200 to make it worthwhile.  We could probably get there with repeated showings, but I think next week, we may try the Courthouse on Main instead of 5-Points.  A lot of people said they thought we would clean up there.  Also, 5-Points gets kind of depressing quickly with all the cars zipping by from every direction going either to or from East Durham and City Hall.

Shouts to all our customers who came by, including NM.  We added a great deal of folks on FB, surpassing 300 fans; we love to know that the word is traveling.  Hope to see many of you at the Market on Saturday!

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