Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 33

Product:  The onion rye came out really well.  AR did a three-day starter build, which resulted in a tangy rye bread with a good crumb loaded with flavor.  It was "hearty done right".  We still have about half a sack of rye flour, so be on the lookout for a potato rye coming soon.  We sold/bartered/gifted all 50 of the onion rye and 40 bags of granola.

Weather: Hard rain continued until around 10AM.  We were looking for Bob from the trailer shop to see if we could perch under his awning (as we had previously on rainy days), but he was running late due to being locked out of his truck.  Later, we gifted him an onion rye, and he returned the favor with a propane space heater (see below).

Customers/Bartering:  Big shouts to our customers: Zane, Linda & Walter & Ben, and Amy & Mike.  Bartering: Biscuits and gravy from Piepushers (the gravy is really great); Daikon, Kale, and Sweet Potatoes from George of Lil' Farm; Romaine and Radishes from Piedmont Biofarm -- thanks guys!

Crew:  Thanks so much to AR, SZ, and RML.  You guys made the best of a rainy situation.  I will eternally be impressed with your fortitude and vitality.

Our lucky Facebook winners: Walter and Linda

Our savior:"Mr. Heater", from Bob of Bull Durham Custom Trailers.

Monuts: I finally got to meet Mo and eat me some Monuts (which had fantastically good flavor).  They set up behind us next to PiePushers.  Mo is wicked nice and we all wished them best of luck in their further triked-out adventures.

In the news: I opened the DFM weekly newsletter Friday to learn that Triangle Localista was accepting canning donations for what will be a sliding-scale jamming class taught by This and That Jam (check the blog for the bonus sonogram pic).  We are happy to see that more folks are using the sliding-scale model for business, and we wish them luck in this awesome endeavor.

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