Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 30

The vibe: Gorgeous weather (64 and sunny) after several weeks of rain and a summer of sweltering heat combined for extra-good vibes Saturday at the market.  We had many returning customers who were glad to see us back at market after three weeks off (1 new baby + 2 Saturdays of rain = no stand), as well as some newbies who were happily surprised by both our quality offerings and seemingly implausible business model.

Sales: Sold it all save one babka.  We made 70 babka and 50 challah Saturday morning.

The crew:  RG on his fixed gear (no freewheel!) hauling a Burley Flatbed Cargo Trailer with 30 loaves of bread through Watts Hillandale and Old West:

SZ and RML were out of town, and BS called out sick, so AR and I held it down at the stand.  Big shout to AR for helping with all the mixing, bread forming, baking, and stand set-up and break-down as well on four hours of sleep and a busy week prior.

Giving it Away: Winners of our Weekly Free Giveaway: Kirsten, Lily, and Victoria (L to R below).  Alicia K. (Giveaway winner #2), we didn't see you to give you your free stuff, sorry we missed you!

Shoutouts to our awesome customers: Phil and Karen, Vatima, Jessica and family, Allie and Jeff, Aaron from Fickle Creek, Marybeth, Nate & Elizabeth, Natalie & Madeline, A&A, Imani.

Bartering: Pie from Mike and Becca of Piepushers; veggies from Piedmont Biofarm.

This week: We may be doing the Downtown Donut on Thursday morning, and possibly an appearance at the Oval Park Picnic Thursday evening.  Check FB on Wednesday for updates.  There will be no stand next Saturday due to Yom Kippur; I hope everyone that is fasting has an easy fast.

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