Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 32

The product:  This week we did two new breads: a toasting/sandwich rye and a mult-grain semolina.  The semolina had millet, cornmeal, sesame seeds, semolina flour, and unbleached flour in it.  Both breads were popular, and we sold, bartered, or gifted all but two of the 115 breads.  I think the rye could have benefited from a long starter process which would have given it more depth.  I think the semolina also could have used a poolish, less hydration, and maybe some whole wheat flour for more flavor.  Next week, we will be trying an onion rye with a starter, so I'm hoping for some really good deep flavors from that bread.

Shout outs to our customers: Jeannine, Margaret, Beth P., Suzanne, the Marvelles, A&A.  You guys are great!

The crew: Big up, big up, big up to SZ, AR, and RML.  AR helped me with the mixing, shaping, and baking this week -- thanks so much!

This week: Look for us Tuesday morning near the Courthouse on Main selling donuts.  More details on FB coming soon.

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