Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 31

Shout-outs: Molly, Jon, Robin & Lindsay, the Marvelles, Suzanne, Larry, Jennifer & Mark, Karen, A & A, Janette, Sunny, Sarah, Margaret & Sean, Alex R., and Harriet.

The product: We used Swiss Chocolate procured from The Chocolate Door of Chapel Hill for our babka this week.  Thanks to MJ Rosensweet for making the connection.  The result was a more refined chocolate flavor (it was more like a chocolate bar than a chocolate filling).  As usual, everything sold (58 babka and ~200 donuts).

The crew: Big up to SZ, RML, EC, SG for making the sun-splashed morning light and fun.  It was EC and SG's first time out, and I think they really stepped in there like pros.  Thanks to RG and KG for handling the bike route.

Baking Video of the Week: Zach, up and coming star at 9th Street Bakery, stamping Kaiser Rolls:

The Weekend, Part Deux: We are trying to build out our donut production so SZ and I sold donuts yesterday at Motorco's Dtown Market (crafts and vintage items on 1st and 3rd Sundays).  I enjoyed the Motorco Bloody Mary, Carnitas Slider and music from KoKyu, and Foothills Torch Pils from Fullsteam.  SZ went on to sell at the Occupy Durham Assembly downtown, where our sliding-scale business model and calorie-rich product was received as kith and kin.

This week:  After a long hiatus, we will be back doing the Downtown Donut Tuesday morning at 9AM.  Look for us at the intersection of Main and Chapel Hill St. across from Toast.  BikeCoffee is scheduled to join.


  1. Madeline this morning was parading around the kitchen chanting, 'I need babka, I need babka, I need babka' as I cut her a slice of this one.