Monday, October 29, 2012

Lomo on the Outs?

Quick report on LoMo.  Excitedly, we supplied LoMo with product the first month or so of its existence.  Then they stopped ordering.  Then their payment was 2 months late.  And then, another vendor friend of ours had trouble collecting payments.  And then, a friend of ours applied for a job there, was told that there would be a job driving the truck, and then after a lengthy interview process was offered a job washing the truck for $8.00/hr.  When he asked about driving the truck/selling, they told him that they might be buying a second truck in the future, at which point his wage would be $10.00/hr, but after his run he would need to clock back in at $8.00/hr to wash the truck, which seems demeaning.  Has anyone else, vendor or customer, had an experience like this with LoMo?

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