Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 79

The product: This week we had Sweet Apple Caramel Vegan Hand Pies (1st time!); Jamaican Jerk Tofu Hand Pies; Ginger Cookies (we sold out quickly due to many pre-orders); Vegan Walnut Spread; Brown Sugar Granola.  Many thanks to Chef Matt for coming up with a great recipe for the vegan apple pie filling.

Our awesome customers: Ilya & Dara, Marybeth and Allen, HM; Adam R., Ian et al.; Beth; Harriet; Claire +1; Bonnie & Marv.

FFFFound on Club Blvd during my bike route, Wildstyle Jack O' Lantern: 

Da Crew:
Big up big ups to Ali R., SZ, Chef Matt, and Andy.

Cafe Update: In case you missed the FB post, we now have our savory hand pies stocked at three UNC campus cafes: Daily Grind; Global Cup Cafe; and Friends Cafe.  Thanks so much to our man Rick B. for making those deliveries happen and for owner Jane B. for taking us on!

Pour Overs: Fad or no, we have decided to start pouring pour-over coffee at the South Durham market.  SZ found a 1972 camp stove that boils the kettle, so check it out next time you're there.  We use Jessee's Costa Rican Coffee (Carrboro).  Many thanks to SZ for making this fun venture happen.

Track of the Week (Selected by Chef Matt), complete with freaky Woman Without a Face Halloween masks: