Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 78

The Product: Here is a little background on Chef Matt's Mediterranean Walnut Salad that we did this week.  From the Chef himself:

As a vegan a food lover I'm kind of at odds with all the super-processed, faux meat stuff.  I'm not inherently opposed, but do try and avoid it for the most part. Replicating the flavors is more important to me than the texture so that's kind of the inspiration for the Walnut Spread aka the Vegan "Tuna" Salad.  Walnuts and sunflower seeds soaked in salt water and nori seaweed overnight (and then pulsed in the food processor) make the base. Add some silken tofu, lemon, celery, onion and a few spices and the flavor is remarkably similar to the tuna salad a lot of us grew up on. My non-vegan girlfriend is my test audience - before it gets to the public it has to pass her test run - and this one passed with rave reviews. I've learned that the key to successful vegan food is hitting on all the flavors our palates love (fatty, sweet, salty)...and in that way appealing to vegans and non vegans alike.

Our awesome customers:  Leah, Scott, AS, the Scott family, EC & SMG et al., Dan, Sarah&Fam, Stacy R.

Da Crew: As always, many thanks to our steadfast crew: Sara, Jeff, SZ, Chef Matt, Ali R., Jamie, and Andy.  Many thanks to Ali R. for digging a great pumpkin pie recipe.

Words of the Day: Self-employment; pumpkin pie.

Fashion Statement of the Market: Fall Boots are officially here.

Track of the Week (selected by Chef Matt):

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