Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 44

We had a really spectacular day on Saturday, and much of the credit needs to go to our cake donuts (Sugar and Spice & Chocolate Glazed).  Nothing rouses the base like a good donut.

Our awesome customers: I love it when our customers barter with us -- Allie, the pint of pimento cheese you brought for us was delicious!

Also, big ups to Courtney, Mariya, Don, Kara, Tom+1, EC&SG&RG&SSS, Crystal, and Marybeth+1.

AR and our giveaway winner, Kelly L.

The crew:  Big up to AR on the donut cutting and frying.  Frying 250 donuts took several hours, and I admire your fortitude and stamina.  Also many thanks to RML for holding down the stand with your usual swagger, and to RG and KG on the bike deliveries.

This week: Preparing a special Valentine's Day donut!

Linkage: Our friends at Tarts by Tarts in D.C. are doing a host of special Valentine's Day tarts that sound tasty.  Wish I could be there to sample.

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