Sunday, February 26, 2012


On Bull City Burger and Brewery

"Meat – 3 The beef patty still had that rancid-like smell that turned me off during my first two BCBB visits, along with a strange aftertaste. However, now that I know more about BCBB’s grass-fed beef (which is supplied locally by Farmhand Foods and fresh ground daily), I realize that this bad smell must just be normal for this particular meat. Farmhand Foods also explained to me that they have several different local farmers who contribute to their beef supply, rather than just one. The first time I complained about the meat smell, BCBB’s owner Seth told me that perhaps I am not used to eating grass-fed beef, which may be why I think their meat smells funny. I disagree with him. For example, I eat Geer St. Garden‘s grass-fed beef (supplied by Baldwin Beef) all the time and do not experience this same smell at all. In fact, I find the GSG burger patty quite fragrant. Despite the odd meat smell and aftertaste, I appreciate BCBB’s commitment to quality and locally-sourced food. The patty I had on my burger at BCBB yesterday was juicy, well-seasoned and cooked nicely (with a touch of pink, just the way I ordered it). Just FYI, it appeared to be griddle cooked rather than grilled. (I think both ways are delicious.)"

I was struck when I read this today because I totally agree.  Does anyone out know why BCBB's meat tastes gamey?  Can beef have venison-like gamey-ness if the cow is too skinny (from grass-feeding I presume) when butchered?

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