Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 47

The product: Both the chocolate babka (sold or bartered all but one of 55 loaves) and mandel bread (sold or bartered 47 of 55 pounds) sold well this week. 

Our awesome customers: MG, Erin and Jeff, EC & SG, Nat&Harris&Madeline, Marybeth, Karen, Andrew and Libby, Katia and Anya, SSS&Jamie&Roxy, Allie & Jeff, yoyo&EB, Jessica, MN, Tim&Noah.  We also had Dr. Christine Muth and her class of 15 biology students from NCSSM come by the stand for an intro to what we do as part of a unit on sustainable agriculture that included a visit to the Farmer's Market.  Farm to fork education starts early in Durham!

Katia and Anya, our Berenbaum's giveaway winners

Bartering: Piedmont Biofarm, Piepushers.  (I think Piepushers has some of the best biscuits and gravy in the Triangle.)

AR pictured with Adam from Piedmont Biofarm -- always bartering good stuff!

The crew: Big up to AR for his help with the mixing, baking, and bagging.  I really look forward to our sessions on Deleuze.  We are at around p.125 if anyone else would like to catch up.

Also many thanks to RML (pictured here with EB)

Nosh of the weekend: Tilston Point Blue (purchased at Reliable Cheese) melted onto toasted house Miso Buckwheat Rye bread.

Retail Biz: Reliable Cheese and Respite Cafe are carrying Berenbaum's Chocolate Chip Mandel Bread this week.  Thanks Patrick and Courtney!

This week: Let's get ready for Purim (March 7th)!

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