Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 46

Writeup this week in conjunction with RML -- thanks man!

The Scene: It was another beautiful day in Durham. The weather was cheerfully sunny and about 60 degrees. Birds were chirping, food trucks were humming, and customers were smiling. I think our breads had a lot to do with all customer smiles.

The Product: Our Chocolate Babka made its highly anticipated return along with a hearty Birdseed Whole Wheat Bread and Brioche Rolls. In this week’s babka, the chocolate we swirled inside was a little wetter than we usually make but it made for a pleasant outcome. Chocolate oozed from the breads while baking and then cooled into an enticing finish on the outside, which only added to the decadent presentation. We sold out of babka quickly; about 25 in the first 25 minutes. Even if late-arriving customers missed the babka, they were still pleasantly surprised by the Birdseed Whole Wheat Bread.  Alex, per usual, did a great job with the pre-fermented starter which gave a nice tang to the wheat loaf. The “birdseeds”, a topping of sunflower seeds and sesame seeds, rounded out the flavor and texture of the loaf excellently. Our wheat breads are never boring.  The Brioche Rolls also received great comments. It had a lot of people sharing their dinner plans, which the crew at the stand always enjoy hearing.

We also had our coffee and Ceylon tea with Cardamom. This is the second week the Ceylon tea has been back. Previous fans welcomed its return and it made some new fans as well. Give it a try! We always encourage sampling.

Our awesome customers: Beth, Jeff, Marybeth, A&A, Harriet, J&J, Leia, Leela, Adam, Kara, EC et al.

Da Crew: Many thanks to SZ, RML, and AR.  AR did the levain build for the Birdseed Bread -- it really gave the bread a great depth, flavor, and tang.  Big up to RG&KG on the bike deliveries (pictured below).

Ryan and Karen, our Watts Hillandale / Old West Bread Bike Deliverers Extraordinaires

This week: Testing some bialy recipes, putting up a house batch of kimchi, and getting ready for the Purim hamentashen.

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