Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 45

The product: Our red velvets came out very well.  I think they stacked up favorably to Monuts, who was also doing a Red Velvet Valentine's Day Special.  We also had origami valentines at the stand (courtesy of yoyo) for little kids and gave more than a few to grown-ups as well!

Our wonderful customers: Amy, Adam, SSS, Meg, Cat, J&J, A&A, Matthew, Daniel, yoyo & Anjali & EB.

Bartering: Cafe Prost, Piepushers, Piedmont Biofarm, Monuts.

The crew: Many thanks to AR for all his donut cutting, frying, and building the bread starter this week.  Your help is appreciated!  RML, thanks for helping at the stand -- watching you hold little man EB is always a highlight of my day.

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