Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day One

So Day One went pretty well. Before we had the table set up entirely we had 3 customers waiting. Big shouts to KA, GA, ASC, Jon, John, ex-neighbor Daniel, Stephon, Brian, Mitsue, and the rest of the cats that came through to made us feel love. We sold out or bartered away all our 20-odd soda breads, 3-dozen donuts, and 3 airpots of hot chocolate. Total winnings were $75 plus bartered goods which included:
2 blocks of Celebrity Dairy cheese
a dozen potatoes
one bunch tulips
one bucket fickle creek lard
3 korean tacos (yea bulkogi!)
MT's signs were smash and Lindsay's hot chocolate drew a lot of compliments, including, "This is the best Mexican hot chocolate I've ever had."

Recipes from Day One (top one is irish soda bread, bottom is red velvet donuts):

Other notes:
Lots of people wanted coffee.
Customer suggestion: Try a cream-cheese glaze on the red velvet donuts.

Woman with munchkin eating a munchkin.

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  1. I like the intro video and recipe pic - you're doing a great job =)
    love, miz