Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Double the Price, Half the Work

Yoyo and I recently had a delicious Chocolate Sea Salt Crostata at Scratch Bakery in Durham. It was a wintry day, but regardless, the bakery was quiet for lunchtime. I know these things fluctuate, but I wonder if they would be more busy if baked items such as the one I shared didn't cost $5.00. If you halve the price, and double the volume, you ~double the amount of baking work, but you make the same amount of $. Is there long-term brand-building value in creating a perception of a busy bakery? What price is generally affordable for a scratch crostata? Is the market for these types of high-end goods only the folks that shop at the Farmer's Market and A Southern Season (i.e. a high price for a niche demographic that either see this as a good buy for the money or have so much money that price matters little)?

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