Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week Three

We seem to be settling into a groove here. Each week, I am baking more and more, and we are selling more and more. This week, I baked 34 8oz irish soda breads with raisins, and about 20-dozen chocolate chip mandel bread. Everything was sold, with the exception of some mandel bread which I will barter back to my parent bakery for ingredient costs rather than pay cash. Our black tea with cardamom was more on point this week -- 4oz loose tea per 12-cup airpot is the correct ratio. Newcomers JP and SZ did a great job helping me out behind the stand. JP has a record out, so we played choice cuts off that, and he managed to sell one to a collector from SC! Big shouts to those who came through, including yoyo, MT, LA, LA's pops Brian, IA, AST, AR, LP, SSS, MC, EC, Casey, Kelly, and NS. We got static from the Durham Central Park woman who said we were too close to the market, so we moved across the street. I will have to investigate further about the rules and regs on this -- hadn't been an issue the past 2 weeks. Also, she said that bartering with the market sellers was "soliciting", which is not allowed. Our first cease and desist! I'm so proud!

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  1. Too close to the market? Tell her you ARE the market! Jeez...