Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week Two

week two. cinnamon raisin babka and mandel bread with walnuts and raisins. shouts to jennifer, mattieu, and stephon for coming through. tried the name blue crane bakery (realized halfway through that Scratch has a blue bird on their logo piece, might drop that one by next week). brooke and yoyo behind the stand, freezing (33 degrees in sunny NC). coffee was a big hit, but customers missed the mexican hot chocolate. the ceylon black tea with cardamom provided less of a thrill. gave small origami cranes to good children, really all children, really any children who would let us give them cranes. winnings were higher than last week. i'm not going to report $ totals (seems in poor taste?) -- maybe I'll provide a quarterly report? people were slightly surprised but also receptive to our fair price gambit ("Yeah, these mandel bread are a dollar each, up or down, or really whatever you like?...we're a fair price bakery, see, because not everyone can afford Farmer's Market prices."). not too much trading this week, 1 huge beef shank from Fickle Creek, 2 sweet potatoes, and some Chevre from Celebrity Dairy. I'm trying to learn customer names. I feel like if someone doesn't feel recognized by me the next week, that's like a stain on my soul. yoyo just wants to be able to remember customers who've been there the same day.


  1. SOunds yum as usual. What about 'sliding scales' for your name? or some play on sliding and flour scales.... has potential =) and I like the quarterly report idea - it's classier =)

  2. i like that. i'll think about it and let you know...