Monday, March 7, 2011

holy shit

I'm officially terrified.

Adam, very good article man. You're a don.

I hope that everyone can live in a world where their humble $200-a-weekend food stand can get press in a free weekly read by 45,000+.

Newcomers to the blog: If you want to learn more about pay-what-you-like business models, check out One World Everybody Eats in Salt Lake City. Wanda and Earl Boone tried to open One Durham Everybody Eats at the old Hartman's Steak House on Geer St., but the venture failed due to lack of sufficient funds to get the restaurant back up to code.

We really have to come correct now. On the plate for next Sat: Walnut Raisin Mandel Bread; Magnum Opus Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies; Mini-Magnum Opera (opera is the plural of opus).

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