Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week Seven

Everything went pretty well this week. CW helped me with the baking in the morning. In an hour, he went from novice to expert donut fry chef. Those donuts sold out in only 1 hour 15 minutes.

Granola came out good. Lots of compliments.

It was the last week for the French bread, at least for awhile. I got the recipe pretty close to where I want it. Time to move on to new things. See here for more details.

We had some customers this week with some very definite opinions about our business prospects as a "fair price" bakery. One gentleman named Frank asked us if we knew we were in the U.S. Another woman told me that I might want to think about taking some business school classes, because our model was fundamentally bankrupt. She said wealthy people enjoy supporting businesses that charge high prices for premium goods. I'm not sure that is true, and secondly, that would squeeze out the customer base I want to feed most. I told her our position as a bakery trying to make inroads into other income class markets, and that I would give her suggestion serious consideration.

Many thanks for LA, RML, CW, and SZ's presence at the market this week as helpers. You all are awesome.

Thanks also to Heather, Adam, Jerry and Jenny, RML, CW, LA, yoyo, EC and RG for coming out. Watching my friend RG dunk a cake donut in his coffee and eat it in 2 bites has to be one of the highlights for me of running the stand thus far.

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