Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let Her Rip: Pedi-Delivery

This is an idea I had for the next phase of build-out. Let me know what you all think.

[Emailed to my local neighborhood listservs]

Hi All,

I've started a bake stand near the Farmer's Market, and I was thinking about starting pedi-delivery to select neighborhoods, specifically Watts-Hillandale and Old West.

That means, I would bake early in the night Saturday morning, package everything for delivery, then ride my bike with peditruck/trailer around the neighborhood and make deliveries in the AM.

Deliveries would be on Saturdays only, and you can pay what you like (that is our equal-opportunity business model). I would aim to deliver 1 pound of goods per delivery: 1 pound of bread (e.g. a large boule), or a pound of bagged cookies, or scones, or savory biscuits, or something like that. Most of my customers at the stand pay $2-5 for that amount of goods. Monthly subscriptions would be handled via paypal, cash, or check.

The reason that I am posting this here is not to solicit, but instead I would like to know if you have any ideas for tweaking the concept. I want the community to have a voice in this. I will be canvassing to get the word out soon.

Thanks so much,


Englewood Ave.


[I love my neighborhood...within 2 days, I got 14 really encouraging replies.]


  1. I love the idea! Especially about a monthly subscription. What kind of trailer are you gonna use?

  2. not sure, maybe something like this: