Monday, March 7, 2011

When the Revolution Comes, There Will Be Jerky

I never made jerky before.

I received a cow heart from Noah Ranells by barter in return for some baked items. This kind of lean meat is perfect for jerky.

Recipe: Marinade the meat slices (1/8'' thick) in salt and spice for ~8 hours. Bake in oven on 125 degrees directly on oven-rack with aluminum foil underneath to catch drippings for 6-8 hours. The jerky will be dark and a little tough when fully cooked, but not brittle.

My results: Pretty good. I salted it as if I was corning it, which was too much. A generous sprinkle is likely sufficient. Otherwise, it was fun showing up to a party with it and a partygoer immediately wanted to put it in his pocket to eat later. Because that's what you do with jerky. It travels anywhere.

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