Sunday, March 20, 2011


We've had few people come to the stand and mention the Indyweek article. Based on hits to the blog and facebook, it looks like several hundred people read it. I think it may go to show that the culinary illuminati of Durham may read everything on Carpe Durham, but they may not go to every restaurant, etc. Nonetheless, it was good publicity. We will need to figure out a more broad-based appeal to get to more customers and build the brand.

In terms of signage, I thought of buying a large vinyl sign to hang under the table, but in the end decided it would make us look too much like a budget Obama for America canvassing table. We're currently deliberating making a mosaic sign.

I did buy some chalkboard markers. Those things are the shiznit! Now I can write descriptions of everything in small type on one of our extra chalkboards. Highly educated people of Durham love to read, so the markers are another valuable means for content creation. By comparison, I enjoy the lengthy descriptions of spices at the Savory Spice Shop in Raleigh (e.g. a two paragraph piece on how Himalayan salt is harvested and transported out of a treacherous mountain range).

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  1. love that you linked to urban dictionary =) And I like the mosiac idea.