Sunday, April 3, 2011

Berenbaum's at Food Truck Rodeo

There will be a Food Truck Rodeo (which we will attend) this Thursday April 7, 7-9PM to support the new food concept incubator, The Cookery, run by Nick Johnson. I met Nick 2 weeks ago and checked out the space....looks accommodating for medium-sized catering jobs/food trucks/value added processing. He's also planning to pair the kitchen rental with food entrepreneurship consulting and marketing services. I think it would be awesome if it became a full service food concept lab. I have yet to check out the new similarly-themed $1.2 million site opening in Hillsbourough (Piedmont Food and Agricultural Processing Center), but I hope Nick and his crew are quick enough on their feet to meet the needs of the finicky, highly-educated foodies of Durham. Good luck, Nick!


[Update: Looks like a lot of people are going to be at this thing, 153+, as of 4-5-11:]

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