Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week Eleven

Week Eleven was epic.

We sold more than we have ever sold before. All of the chocolate babka was gone by 10:30AM.

I managed to get a babka into Amy Tornquist's hands on her way out of the market. She said, "My staff will really appreciate this."

Thanks so much to RML, SZ, JW, Mattieu for helping out. DJ Pappy held it down on the Wheels of iTunes. Click here to check out more of his mixes. They're dope.

After breaking down the stand and cleaning up, we met some of our prospective neighborhood subscribers at 2PM. The neighbors were receptive to our pitch, and we got the numbers we were looking for -- 20 homes that either want to subscribe immediately or partake in a free 2-week half-share trial. This is enough to get us going and see if we can grow it in the same way that we have grown the stand business. Thanks so much to all of my canvassers: yoyo, JP, MC, SSS, BN, and AST -- it meant so much to me for you all to participate.

Shouts to everyone who came through the stand: Tiffany, Annie and Andy, Adam, J&J, JP and Lori, Gaila, and Patrick. Sorry if I can't remember everyone -- I started baking at 3AM and was on the hustle straight through till 6PM.

[JW and Mattieu promoting DJ Pappy]


  1. chocolate babka??? Hope this makes it on the pedi delivery selection at some time! MMM

  2. will you have chocolate babka this saturday? and if so, do they come in whole loaves, or will you have individual portions?

  3. You can buy whole or half-loaves. We will not be doing babka again until after Passover (perhaps 3 weeks from now). Thanks.

  4. Great news about support from the hood. Still planning to do it via pedi-transport? How about this - hook up a deal with Durham/Chapel hill pedi-cab companies (you have them around there, right?) and get them to sell your goods to hungry passengers en route. Witty name for the pedi-cab and pedi-baked good partnership coming soon =)

  5. good idea. we have some pedi-cabs. they run pretty infrequently. i will try to look into it.