Friday, April 15, 2011

Where Does the Money Go?

So early on, I tried disclosing our weekly revenues in an effort to keep the stand as transparent and open-source as possible. That seemed distasteful, so I now give broad generalization of how we're doing, if we are selling more or less, etc. But I would like to disclose how some of the proceeds are being spent or may be spent in the future:

Past purchases:

1. Burley Bike Trailer for the pedi-deliveries
2. New cash box
3. 3-gallon cold drink dispenser
4. Test kitchen ingredients
5. New rolling pin
6. New tongs
7. Plastic storage bucket
8. Publicity materials for subscription delivery (Kinko's)
9. New chalkboard
10. Chalkboard markers
11. Biscuit cutters/cookie cutters

Future planned purchases:

1. Wooden lightweight bread display
2. Mosaic signage
3. Pie cutter
4. Silkscreening equipment (to print our own t-shirts and promo prints)
5. Labels/Logo for drygoods/canned goods
6. Vendor tent

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