Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 12: Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Sleet Nor Hail

Week 12 was our first home delivery week. In an intermittent drizzle, I delivered 12 deliveries to my neighborhood in 45 minutes, utilizing my new Burley bike trailer. Here is a map of the deliveries, zoomed out for the sake of de-identifying my patrons.

On the stand side, we had an awesome time with the Schw-Sx clan Friday night, rolling out nearly 200 matzot. Those matzot instilled a sense of disbelief in some of our customers (e.g. "You mean you made all this by hand?") I'm looking forward to posting the pictures M took of the night.

Big shouts to Maria, William, J&J, Julie, RG, EC, SSS, MC & family for coming through.

Thanks for CW, RML, and SZ for holding down the stand. The matzo was a foreign object to many customers, and your repeated, counseling advice helped move the product.

There was a new truck at the DFM -- Eric and Emily of Kona Chameleon. They have a tight setup in there -- full espresso bar, blenders for iced drinks, plus regular drip coffee. Give Eric some dap if he makes it through on the regular. They also hit up sites in RTP, catering events, and have a stand at the RBC center for hockey games.

Eric and Emily:

Our patrons (with matzo):

The Schw-Sx Clan Matzo Makers!

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