Sunday, April 3, 2011

Week Ten

Yeaaah. We had a great day at the market yesterday with newly expanded hours. I got some of the best compliments I've ever received on on the hamentashen with sweet poppy filling (we brought that back for one more week because we sold out 2 weeks ago and I wanted to give people the chance to try it if they missed it; also, I had extra unused hamentashen dough): one customer said it was unlike anything she had ever tasted before; another asked if they would freeze because he wanted to bring it to his friend in DC to show him what "real" hamentashen tasted like (I said no).

There was a new food truck present at the market. Sweet and Savory Express hail from Atlanta, where there are no food trucks allowed. Patrice hooked us up with some chicken and waffles and a chili dog. Looks like competition for Dame's.

I saw the venerable Amy Tornquist prepping for her guest chef slot at the Market. She's as close as Durham cuisine gets to a Mario-Batali-sized celebrity chef. We tried to flag her down to sample something, but no dice (she actually parked near the stand). Another time, Amy!

Many thanks for BS, SZ, and RML behind the table -- you guys held it down.

Also, we had numerous surprise guest patrons. BW all the way from Florida, with family DW, SW, AW. Also MC, SSS, Patrick, Andy, Annie, Larry and David, NS +1, Julie, Nate, Amanda, and Elisabeth, thank you so much for coming through. You guys are the highlight of the market for me.


  1. Loved the hamentashen and will be back for more of your creations. Especially looking forward to pickled items. -Nate

  2. I had and bite of Nate's breakfast and I agree - AMAZING! Keep up the good work.

  3. great, good seeing the marvellous troop.