Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 52

The scene: Lots of cute kids eating our Super-Ginger cookies.  You can find those cookies this week at Reliable Cheese.  Also, many tourists (Patriots Day weekend) and Full Frame-goers out in the sunny 70-degree weather.

Our awesome customers: Harriet (with more bartered Passover treats!), MC&EC&SMG, Laura S. & family, Marybeth+1, Renata F. (our giveaway winner!), Susan S., Horst, Heather M., Holly B., AS, Mariya+1, Roseanne, Adam R., Allie&Jeff.

The crew: Thanks to AR helping out in the kitchen this week, and to SZ and RML at the stand and RG on the delivery route.  Spring weather is one of the best times to enjoy being out and engaging others who value and support our local economy.

Coming attractions: With the sinking of our hopes to join the DFM (they still have not replied to my letter of inquiry), we brainstormed hard about how best to build out the business in the coming year.  After inspiration from various sources (Tarts by Tarts, the Tartist Laura S., and Pi(e) Day), we decided to start wholesaling individual sweet and savory tartlets to local cafes.  Assuming the weather holds, we will have individual-sized tarts this weekend at the stand and we have a couple of trial orders going out to select cafes next week.  If you know a cafe that might like to stock our product, please email berenbaums at gmail dot com.  Thanks!


  1. Tartletts - I love that word! They will surely be a hit if Berenbaums bakes them.

  2. Congratulations on a milestone year of blogging. Great job!

  3. Thanks Mom! Your blogging for the library inspires me.