Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 53

The Product: Of especial note this week was AR's kimchi, which had amazing balance of flavors - the best I have tasted thus far.  And as expected, the tartlets sold out quickly.  We will have to bring more next week.

 Our tartlets, shot by Weege.  You can find these this week at Respite Cafe.

Our giveaway winners this week, Laurie S. and Danya.

KIN volunteers Elena+1, Natalie, Travis & Edie Lou, and John.

The crew: Big ups to AR and Ali R. in the kitchen, rolling pie crust like pros.  Also big ups to RML on the stand -- "the bird were chirping" Saturday because of you. Thanks to RG for rolling out our bike deliveries.

Our awesome customers: Shout outs to Justine & Barb, Laurie S. & Danya, EC & SMG, Joel+1, Marybeth & Allen, Marv, Mariya, Allie & Jeff, A & A & M & M's Grandma, Becky, Nate & Amanda & Elizabeth, Weege, Leia.


  1. Ar, I just reached out to try and grab a tartlet from the computer, they look so amazing! Great job and great photography =)