Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 54

The product: We went strong with the tarts this week.  100 made and 48 minis, all sold or bartered.  We had a lot of really good compliments on the Chili-Garlic Tartlet.

Also, one customer complimented Ruch's Famous Kimchi by saying that it was what she ate for dinner every night through Finals week with some sushi rice and avocado.

Lastly, we have been selling This and That Jam the past two weeks as Ali has been helping in our kitchen with the tartlets.  The street reaction on the jam is very positive, and I think a lot of it has to do with the freshness and quality of the ingredient.  When you taste jam from fruit that has been picked in the past week, it just better than what you can get off the shelf.  Not being one to generally indulge on premium condiments, I feel oh so fancy helping myself to their Strawberry Balsamic Sea Salt Jam, smeared across a toasted piece of our French Bread with butter.  It makes an ordinary snack delectable.  Also, you might not be able to tell unless they told you, but the hint of sage they add is the ingredient that helps the whole recipe bloom and encapsulate all the other flavors.

Shout outs to our customers: EC & SMG, A&A&M, Harriet, ADK, LG, Holly, Horst. Franklin et al., Weege et al., Joel et al.

South Durham Farmer's Market: We heard the opening of the South Durham Farmer's Market went off with a bang.  Cheers to Ben F., Kat Spann, and all the other folks who invested in the project.  Maybe a future opportunity for Berenbaum's?

The Crew: As usual, I really couldn't do it without you, you being RML, RG, AR, Ali R., and SZ.  We are facing the prospect of AR moving away from Durham for a post-doc, so more than ever before, I am grateful and appreciative of the help of our friends.

Wholesale development: Our wholesale tart program is coming along.  We contacted four interested parties last week, and currently you can find our tarts at Reliable Cheese, Respite, and NOFO (Raleigh).

Question: Someone this weekend was telling me about good bakeries/donut shops in Burlington, NC. Anyone know more?

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