Monday, April 2, 2012


I've been a fan of Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe (aka Vimala's) since they opened in 2010.  I remember speaking with her prior to opening about how she was going to price things so that "everyone could eat" (her tagline), which at the time sounded awesome to me because I was making near minimum-wage as a full-time baker.  Indeed, if you bring up the fact that you cannot afford it, she will still cook you a plate for whatever you can afford.  But looking at all the prices listed on their menu, you can see that the establishment does not target lower-class folks (entrees are $9-$17; I had their BBQ plate a couple of months back for $14).  I am not sure how many lower-class diners who would otherwise eat the Dollar Menu at McDonald's come regularly to take her up on her offer.

What do folks think of this?  How do you run an enterprise that traffics in good will, liberal social values, and a message of food accessibility while at the same time meeting your budget and revenue needs?

Today on Vimala's Facebook:
Delicious, nourishing food must be made *accessible*. "Researchers also found each time consumers obtained 1 percent more of their daily calories from saturated fat and added sugar, their food costs significantly declined." We need food justice for all, not just more fancy healthy options for a few.
Study finds following USDA’s updated balanced diet guidelines would add hundreds of dollars to the average consumer’s food costs.

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