Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 51

The product: We received many compliments on our rosemary and olive oil matzo, from "You've made matzo edible," to "This is the best matzo I've ever tasted."  I'm happy that we could provide a positive spin on what can be an otherwise tasteless cracker.

Our awesome customers: ADK, Leia, Ali&Ben&Esme, Marybeth, Mark+1, Annie&Kate&Mark&Moses, A&A&M, HM, Harriet (with bartered macaroons?), Greg P.

The newest addition to the Berenbaum's fanbase, Miriam, 10-days old, daughter of A&A

Everyone's favorite biscotti-eating gangster, HM

Giveaway winner Greg P. with (L to R) SZ, AR, AB.  Photo by RML.

The crew: Big ups to SZ, RML, AR, and RG.  Saturday was our first longer-session day (8AM-noon) and that means more quality time with the team.  Also, many thanks to MC and SSS, guest stars in the matzo-rolling kitchen.

Our little crew of matzo-making elves: AR, SSS, MC

Coming up: Next Saturday will still be Passover (the eighth day) so I am thinking about some oat-based products (granola; granola bars).

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