Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 50

After a week rained out, we were back at it on Saturday.

Unfortunately, dreary light rain fell for most of the market.  Our meteorologist at Wunderground steered us wrong on that one.

Regardless, sales were strong and the product came out nicely.  I was (finally) happy with our Sweet Poppy Babka -- getting the filling consistency right has been a great learning process.  You want to stir the poppy candy on medium-high heat until you can see the bottom of the pan and the surface looks shiny and feels syrupy on a plate.  Then, allow the candy to set without any stirring until it comes to room temperature -- any stirring after it stops boiling hard destroys the sugar's crystalline bonds and makes the candy go liquid. 

New vendor: Under Bob the Trailer Guy's tent, we sidled up to a new vendor, Jo Pelligra, who sells her Spread vegan cheese in four varieties, Cheddar, Goat, Smokey, and Port Wine.  It uses an almond base, and as a fellow Old West Durhamite, we totally support her gig!

Our awesome customers: ADK, Leia, Alex K. (great bartered cheddar biscuits (with whole wheat flour and cornmeal)), Crystal&Clinton&Dashielle, Bob P.

SZ with husband of giveaway winner, Wendy T. (we didn't catch his name)

SZ with giveaway winner Bob P.

DFM update: An inside source at DFM tried to convince me that our application was not as poorly received as I had thought.  Out of 49 applications, ours made it to the final round where Chicken Bridge was selected over us because 1) They have a larger product line of more variety with greater capacity to increase future production (they currently supply four retail spots in addition to the Carrboro Farmer's Market); 2) This is the fourth year they have applied; and 3) The wife on the team is also pastry chef at Andrea Reusing's nationally-recognized Lantern.  I think our Durham-ness should take precedence, but it sounds like Chicken Bridge was perceived as a bigger name/bigger draw.

Meeting of the baker minds: I finally had my first conversation with Ron Graff, owner of Loaf -- really nice guy.  I will totally take him up on his offer of a tour through his new digs.  His croissants are some of the best that I've had in the Triangle.

Da Crew: Big ups to SZ and RML.  Rainy days at the market always take a special dedication and you guys have it.  Saturday was the first day for strawberries at DFM -- eating those first pickings of sweet Spring fruit together is an awesome tradition to be shared by friends.  Also big up to RG on the rainy delivery route.

Coming up: Passover 2012.  Passover is kind of like the baker's anti-holiday, but we are going to try to come correct with some matzo, macaroons, and macarons.

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